Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Loss for Lieberman Would Be a Win for Progressives


Will the results ever come in?

We are nervous wrecks!

A Loss for Lieberman Would Be a Win for Progressives:

Joe Lieberman has been in the Senate for 18 years. He's a leader of the Democratic Leadership Council, the money wing of the party. He became the party's vice presidential nominee, even as he championed the DLC's 'triangulating' politics, pushing off of the Democratic Party base to demonstrate his 'independence' by embracing key elements of the conservative agenda -- championing the war in Iraq, attacking affirmative action, pushing capital gains tax cuts that benefit only the very wealthy.

Now he's pushed off so long, he seems confused about whom or what he represents. He now says he's a good Democrat, but he's collecting petitions to run as a third party man if he loses the primary today. He now says he's a critic of the war, even though Bush gave him a famous kiss to thank him for his unstinting support. He now says dissent is good, when before he essentially challenged the patriotism of critics.

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