Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shock loss shows US anti-war mood

Hey, the Brits get it!

BBC NEWS Americas Shock loss shows US anti-war mood:

Washington insiders from both parties have long been muttering that George W Bush's Republican party is going to lose ground in elections in November.

The only question, they say, is how much ground. Enough to lose control of one or both houses of Congress?

They may have had the beginnings of an answer on Tuesday night, but the scalp that was claimed was not Republican - it was Democrat Joe Lieberman.

His support for the Iraq war was a major factor in his loss, experts say.

Mr Lieberman's opponent, political novice Ned Lamont - who was unknown six months ago - campaigned hard on an anti-war platform and became the first man in decades to beat an incumbent senator in a primary race.

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