Saturday, June 23, 2007

Giuliani memo cites ‘tightening’ race

Again we say, Rudy is a joke. - Giuliani memo cites ‘tightening’ race:

A top strategist for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani acknowledged in a memo Friday that the race for the GOP presidential nomination has been tightening and will continue to tighten over the summer. But he maintained that Giuliani’s leadership and issue positions make him the top candidate.

Giuliani Strategy Director Brent Seaborn wrote in the memo that former Sen. Fred Thompson’s (R-Tenn.) likely entry into the Republican field makes for a four-candidate top tier and will make things crowded at the top of the polls.

He also cites an ABC/Washington Post poll that shows Giuliani as the leader of the field when voters are asked who is “closest to you on the issues.”

Questions about Giuliani’s viability among the conservative base as a pro-abortion rights and pro-gun control candidate have dogged his front-running campaign early in the election. While not explicitly mentioning the social issues, the memo makes the case that more Republicans agree with Giuliani than pundits think.

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