Saturday, June 23, 2007

What Giuliani gets away with

Making huge amounts of money off murder? - What Giuliani gets away with:

Back on June 18, Newsday broke what should be a highly damaging story about former New York mayor and current presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. It turns out that Giuliani was originally one of the members of the congressionally chartered Iraq Study Group (aka the Baker-Hamilton commission) that brought forward its findings late last year.

This wasn’t a secret. There were press reports about it at the time. And at least a few press mentions when Giuliani left the commission and was replaced by Reagan-era worthy Ed Meese.

What wasn’t known was just how it all went down. According to the Newsday story, two months into the commission’s work, Giuliani had failed to show up to a single meeting. That got him a talking-to from lead Republican commission member James Baker. Either do the work, Baker told him, or you’re off the commission. But Giuliani apparently had booked too many high-priced speaking engagements and he just didn’t have the time. So he resigned from commission in May 2006.

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