Saturday, June 23, 2007

Justice is color-blind

Yeah, Right!

...and I'm a tomato

the talking dog: June 21, 2007, Justice is color-blind:

Such is the story we get from this WaPo piece documenting the sorry saga of one Bradley Schlozman, acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights of the United States Justice Department.

Schlozman removed a number of career attorneys from key civil rights functions. Those attorneys happened to be women of various ethnic minorities, only to be replaced by White males... to be fair, some of those women were Democrats... (and I understand one couldn't be trusted because she once voted for McCain). Traditionally, it was felt that 'diversity' in the government agency responsible for ensuring diversity elsewhere... is a good thing.

I point out that there is no law against replacing competent career professionals with incompetent partisan hacks in those positions that don't have civil service protection; it is, of course, 'icky', and traditionally not done. But then 'traditionally' we didn't lock up people without charge or trial the way dictatorships do, no did we?

And the second one actually is against the law, so nyah!

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