Saturday, June 23, 2007

Terrorism is Worse Under GOP Regimes

No kidding!

The Existentialist Cowboy: Terrorism is Worse Under GOP Regimes:

So much so that one would think GOP regimes cause terrorism. According to FBI stats, terrorism has been worse under GOP regimes at least since 1980. Reagan's 'War on Terrorism' caused terrorism, or at least, made it worse. During a period of two years, terrorist attacks against the United States increased. [Source: Total Acts of Terrorism in the US 1980-98, America's Response to Terrorism, The Brookings Institution (Based on FBI Statistics)]

Some history is needed to put this all in context. Ronald Reagan ordered a US invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and, like Bush now, his invasion was premised upon what was politely called a 'deceitful pretext', in other words - a lie! The 'pretext' was that the PLO, called a terrorist organization, had shot the Israeli ambassador to London. In fact, the shooter may never have been a PLO member.
[Fading Illusions: D-Day and Reagan].

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