Friday, June 22, 2007

The New 1% Doctrine


So, when are we going to, somehow, hold them accountable.

It had better be damned soon, or the economic collapse will become evident, and all hell will break lose.

Oh well, maybe things have become so bad that nothing short of external American outrage can hope to bring back justice.

The New 1% Doctrine:

As far as I can tell, the Hindenburg pilots masquerading as our executive branch have two goals for media management on Iraq.

First and foremost, they must convince us that we are facing a viable and imminent existential threat.

But of no less importance, they must also demonstrate that they and they alone can guarantee our collective salvation. Of course, one can’t but help notice that such aims are mutually exclusive – with the success of one, our naked emperor loses the other by default.

Yet balanced efficiently, Jonestown the American people have historically proven willing to cede virtually unlimited authority. Anyone caught paying attention will have noticed an administration quite adept at maintaining such an equilibrium.

Sure, it was rocky there for a while with Iraq galloping toward civil war, but it seems our darling Machiavelli’s have found a way to accomplish both aims in one swoop – arrest some flaming idiots and call them terrorists (deepest apologies to Signore Machiavelli for comparing him to our president).

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