Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Will We Do Then? The Day After We Strike Iran

The NeoCons are mad as March hares and must be stopped, whatever it takes!

Why th hell are we protecting a so-called Democracy that insists on being a religious state?

Democratic, religious state is an oxymoron.

What Will We Do Then? The Day After We Strike Iran:

Let us suppose that the Bush-Cheney administration answers the neocons' prayer and does indeed bomb Iran sometime soon.

The plan apparently involves more than the destruction of nuclear facilities, replicating Israel's attack on Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981. (That attack, by the way was condemned by the whole world, including a furious President Ronald Reagan).

It includes an all-out assault on the Iranian political and religious leadership.

Government buildings and officials' residences will be targeted, guaranteeing collateral damage. Since Iran is a highly complex society, and its government widely unpopular, there may well be some local support for a 'shock and awe' campaign.

We know that the administration has cultivated ties with the Mujahadeen Khalq (even though they remain on the State Department's terrorist list) and the Pakistan-based Balochi separatist group Jundallah (the Party of God). These among other organizations will get their marching orders amid the 'creative chaos' produced by the attack. There can be no large deployment of U.S. troops in Iran, unless they evacuate from Afghanistan and Iraq which is unlikely.

I doubt that administration plans for the construction of a post-attack Iranian polity are any more sophisticated than their plans for post-Taliban Afghanistan or occupied Iraq. Some have suggested that the neocons' goal is actually to plunge the Muslim Middle East into Pandemonium, insuring that all foes of Israel are off-balance and terrorized by the might of Israel's protector for generations to come.

Neocons, writes Paul Craig Roberts, have convinced themselves that nuking Iran will show the Muslim world that the Muslims have no alternative to submitting to the will of the U.S. government.

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