Thursday, June 21, 2007

Green Zone is taking more hits

...and this will, no doubt continue until we leave.

Green Zone is taking more hits - Los Angeles Times:

BAGHDAD — The U.S. military acknowledged Wednesday that insurgents are firing more mortar rounds and rockets into Baghdad's Green Zone, a former haven that now is rocked almost daily by explosions.

At a news conference, Navy Rear Adm. Mark Fox refused to disclose the number of attacks, saying he did not want to 'give the people shooting any indication of how effective they might be.'

But he added, 'There is unquestionably an increasing pattern of attacks against the International Zone. There's no doubt about that.'

In a report this month, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said mortar and rocket attacks on the Green Zone, where the United Nations has its Iraq headquarters, had totaled 17 in March, 30 in April and 39 by May 22.

The attacks have killed at least 26 people since Feb. 19, the report says.

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