Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bill Clinton Smacks Lieberman

The Big Dog reads the writing on the wall quite well.

Bill Clinton Smacks Lieberman

Lieberman has characterized his loss -- and the need for his subsequent independent run -- as liberals in the party purging those with the Lieberman-Clinton position of progressiveness in domestic politics and strong national security credentials.

'Well, if I were Joe and I was running as an independent, that's what I'd say, too,' Clinton said.

'But that's not quite right. That is, there were almost no Democrats who agreed with his position, which was, 'I want to attack Iraq whether or not they have weapons of mass destruction.''

'His position is the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld position, which was, 'Does it matter if they have weapons? None of this matters.' This is a big, important priority, and 9/11 gives us the way of attacking and deposing Saddam.''

Clinton said that a vote for Lamont was not, as Lieberman had implied, a vote against the country's security.

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