Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ohio Voting Problems Deemed Severe

Why the hell can't something be done about this?

Perhaps, if a state cannot get it together to have an election that people in that state can trust as representing the will of all people who exercise their right to vote, should not be represented in D.C. at all.

Or, perhaps, the people of that state should refuse to pay taxes as they have no way of knowing if they're being represented, even with their vote?

Right now, the-powers-that-be, have no reason to change what seems to be working for them.

I say, we need to give them a reason!!!!!!

Ohio Voting Problems Deemed Severe:

CLEVELAND -- Problems with elections in Ohio's most populous county are so severe that it's unlikely they can be completely fixed by November, or even by the 2008 presidential election, a report commissioned by Cuyahoga County and released Tuesday says.

A nonprofit group hired to review the county's first election with new electronic voting machines found several problems with the May 2 primary, the results of which were delayed six days because roughly 18,000 absentee ballots had to be hand counted.

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