Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pre-election Terrorizing

Some people call us boomers, some call us the 60's generation; but what we really are is the Atomic Generation. My generation was the first to live their enitre lives under the ever-present threat of "The Bomb."

We all remember Civil Defense drills where we were told to hide under our desks and cover our heads with notebook paper, so as to protect ourselves from fall-out. Our generation was told many such ridiculous thing. We remember the Cuban missle crisis, and the bomb shelters people spent good money on building, when if they had had any real idea about the A-Bomb and what a 20 megaton blast would do, they wouldn' t have bothered.

Fear just doesn't work forever. I can remember my mother saying that if the "Russians" were going to drop The Bomb, she wished they would hit her square in the head with it, because she would want to be around afterard. Her sisters husband was a missles expert of somekind (all very secret) so my family never bought the "notebook paper will protect you from fall-out" idiocy, not did we spend money on fallout shelters.

By the time Regan was sworn in, I can remember thinking, if we are going to have nuclear war, let's just get it the hell over with, because I am sick to damn death of hearing about it. I never was one for living in fear, except of Mother.

That is pretty much where I am now, with terrorism.

I have a much better chance of being hit by an 18 wheeler on the highway, but I am not advocationg killing all truckers and their families, or blowing up trusckstops from coast to coast, just so I can feel safe.

The fact is, life isn't safe anymore than it is fair.

Americans need to get out of their wet pants and get on with life, which in my mind means getting rid of the people who play games with terrorism.

Pre-election Terrorizing - Los Angeles Times:

THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION is a past master at playing politics with terrorism, portraying critics of its various antiterrorism initiatives as naive or even accusing them, in the words of former Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft, of giving 'ammunition to America's enemies.'

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