Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Absence of Reason

Reason is often absent in the minds of authoritarians.

The Absence of Reason:

Former vice president Al Gore has published a new book called, “The Assault on Reason.” I have not read the book, but the title, like Gore’s documentary film title about global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth”, is compelling. I have never been a supporter of Gore’s Plutocratic politics, but the titles he has chosen for some of his projects are excellent.

The reason I find the title of Gore’s latest book so compelling is that I have had extensive encounters with the assault on reason. Like many of you, I encounter it daily and am often exasperated by it. Were the results of these encounters not so tragic, they might be seen as comical.

I earn a modest living by working in a small wood shop specializing in architectural radial mill work. The owner, like most of the employees, considers himself a devout Christian. He is convinced that he is doing the will of his God. My coworkers are good people, but they are sadly misinformed about the world in general, and things political in particular. They have subscribed to the mythos that the United States can do no wrong, and that the actions of the government in the Middle East, and elsewhere, are not only justified, but sanctified by god. That is the thinking behind manifest destiny.

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