Monday, June 18, 2007

High-handed hocus-pocus

There will be a multi-party system in this country if the Democrats don't get off their asses and go after Bush and the Rethugs, NOW!

p m carpenter's commentary: High-handed hocus-pocus:

The president will soon brandish his right of executive privilege to ward off congressional inquisitors who wish to grill, under oath, corrupt former White House officials who conspired with corrupt Justice Department officials to tweak the nation's time-honored system of impartial, nonpartisan jurisprudence -- the latter being, it is rumored, that which has always separated this great nation from the brutal banana republics of men, not laws.

As one news analysis put it, 'Democrats want to know if the White House allowed politics to interfere with the Justice Department,' which is like asking if the mob ever 'allowed' criminal activity in the operation of unions under its malignant umbrella. But ask they must, as a formality.

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Complex Event Processing said...

Boycott the two-party system in 2008, it's broken. Vote for yourself.

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