Monday, June 18, 2007

New Swiftboaters target Hillary

No surprise there.

I just wish that for once, Americans would repudiate this kind of BS and severely punish any party that employs such tactics.

Coming Soon: The Swiftboating of Hillary Clinton

Top of the list of projects is a planned movie, being filmed by veteran Republican operator David Bossie. Bossie is raising money for the film through his conservative group Citizens United, which is appealing for video footage, stories about Clinton and money. It plans a release by the end of the year, just as the first primary elections are held in New Hampshire.

Bossie is being helped in the project by Dick Morris, a former top Clinton aide who has become a leading Clinton critic....Citizens United and other Republican groups are set to model their anti-Clinton operation on the notorious Swift Boat campaign that derailed John Kerry's 2004 bid for the White House. That aggressive smear campaign focused on Kerry's Vietnam war record and was seen as critical in President George W Bush's election victory.

'The Swift Boat campaign is going to be a direct model. They have openly come out and said that,' said Terry Krepel, editor of Conwebwatch, a website that monitors the output of conservative news media....Texan businessman Bob Perry has joined Republican Mitt Romney's campaign as a fundraiser.

In 2004, Perry gave more than $4m to the Swift Boat campaign.,,2104853,0...

Vote caging, justice department stacking, swiftboating, lies and whisper campaigns -- they wouldn't bother with this stuff if they thought they could defeat her straight up.

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