Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pfizer's Chemical Weapons Report

This was in 1964, so don't hit the panic button and start a huge Web Happening.

Please do read the entire article at the much appreciated Memory Hole Site.

Many of us who were around back then remember the government experiments with LSD in particular, so we don't find this at all surprising....shocking, but not surprising.

What is interesting is how little anyone knew back then.

Oh, by the by, if anyone thinks this kind of thing has stopped, think again. Remember too, that our government experiments on us, not "the enemy" of the week.

The Memory Hole > Pfizer's Chemical Weapons Report:

Some substances tested: thymol ethers, substituted 2-aminoimidazolines, quinazolones, dimethylhistamine, N-Nitrosopiperazine, amphetamines, pentobarbital sodium, Ditran, neostigmine, mescaline, carbochol, caffeine, nicotine, strychnine, LSD, psilocin, 5-HTP.

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