Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sens. Kennedy, Whitehouse Demand Justice Dept. Investigation Into ‘Caging’

Do they really expect Gonzo to investigate Tim Griffin? Have they lost their minds?

Please, Louise; like that's going to happen.

If Griffin is going to be investigated it will have to be Congress that does it. Gonzo is the ring leader of all this DOJ mess.

Think Progress » Sens. Kennedy, Whitehouse Demand Justice Dept. Investigation Into ‘Caging’:

This afternoon, Sens. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) wrote a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, calling on him to promptly investigate allegations that the Republican National Committee and its former research director Tim Griffin may have been involved in voter suppression tactics.

In 2004, BBC News published a report showing that Griffin, the former Rove protege who was placed as a U.S. attorney in Arkansas, led a “caging” scheme to suppress the votes of African-American service members in Florida. In response, Griffin said recently, “I didn’t cage animals, I’m not a zoo keeper.” Former RNC researcher Monica Goodling, who dismissively characterized “caging” as a “direct-mail term,” acknowledged discussing concerns about Griffin’s involvement in caging with Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty in preparation for his testimony before Congress

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