Sunday, June 17, 2007

Strain on U.S. grid to make blackouts common

Wasn't deregulation supposed to be the end of all such woes?

Just the opposite, I' d say.....

Corporations don't use the money the government gives them or allows them to keep by non-prosecution of corporate crimes, to fix the energy infrastructure or to anything else that would make the country better and stronger. The money goes to corporate officers in the most obscene salary packages since the robber barons.

And we all know where that led.......

Business Books: Strain on U.S. grid to make blackouts common:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Most people in the United States only think about where electricity comes from when the lights go out suddenly.

But unless the antiquated transmission grid is fixed, expensive blackouts that bring modern life to a grinding halt will become ever more common, according to 'Lights Out' (Wiley, $27.95), a new book by Jason Makansi.

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