Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Thorough Investigation Would Bring Impeachment Demands

Hell's bells, there are already impeachment demands.

No one listens.

They may very well wish they had before this nightmare is over!

Political Cortex: A Thorough Investigation Would Bring Impeachment Demands:

Perhaps the most interesting political information to come out of last week did not involve the early position jockeying for 2008 presidential aspirants, but the steadily sagging numbers of George W. Bush.

An NBC-Wall Street Journal Poll registered Bush at his lowest ever total, plummeting to 29 percent. An analysis of what caused startlingly negative earlier figures to drop even more led to more troubling news for Bush, Cheney and Rove.

The pollsters discovered that one major group was responsible for the Bush collapse below the 30 percent threshold. Republicans have now begun to register negative responses toward Bush. Members of his own party staying with him out of a sense of loyalty represented the only significant positive readings for a besieged Bush for some time.

It has been said with increasing frequency recently, this site included, that the only support base the neocon ruling elite has left is the hard core, thoroughly programmed, Limbaugh dittohead-Fox zombie contingent. The current poll figures corroborate this belief.

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