Saturday, July 07, 2007

54% Want Cheney Impeached

Ain't gonna happen, not even if it gets to the super-majority of 67% of Americans.

For reasons we still do not know, let alone understand, no one is going to be impeached.

We don't buy the reasons we've heard so far.

Something else is going on, here.

54% Want Cheney Impeached:

A new poll conducted by finds that 54% of American adults want the US House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney, including 76% of Democrats, 17% of Republicans, and 51% of Independents. The same poll found 46% of voters in favor of the same thing for President George W. Bush, including 69% of Democrats, 13% of Republicans, and 50% of independents.

The poll also asked about Bush's commuting of I Lewis Scooter Libby's sentence, and found that 31% of Americans approve, and 11% would approve of a full pardon.

The details are available at

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