Monday, July 02, 2007

George W. Bush: Heaven's Crackpot

That's the whole point of their shtick, P.M.

The vast majority of them are scared witless. That's why they want to scare the hell out of all of us and will do just about anything to increase the numbers of their own "tribe," as they see it. They are modern-day tribalists of a very dangerous variety

Can you imagine how hard it is in the 21st century, to continue to believe in the "absolute truth" of myth and morality plays, when read and understood literally?

The whole secular world threatens these people.

Not only that, but people who find truth in myth, but who do not read myth as literal truth, scare them even worse, because they can't deal with them as easily, by accusing them of hedonism and a whole lot of other crap they can hurl at secularists, not because it's true, but they have examples they can point to for everyone to see.

P.M. they mean to scare the hell out of you, because they are frightened witless by the hell in them.

p m carpenter's commentary: George W. Bush: Heaven's Crackpot:

The supremely pious, the religiously devout, the theologically assured -- the whole lot scares the bejesus out of me. They have cosmic sponsorship, or so they believe, meaning they comprehend universal Truth and therefore possess universal Answers; meaning, in short, they can do no wrong -- meaning even their most naked buffooneries have celestial sanction.

He of supreme piety is reported to be searching for early hints into the judgment of history on his Earthly reign, and the above -- that of supremely self-confident buffoonery -- will, I believe, be the nut of it.

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