Thursday, July 05, 2007

Waiting for Fitz

Wish we had a shred of hope that this will happen but, alas, hope is slipping further and further away that anything will ever be legally done about the criminals in the White House.

Waiting for Fitz:

But there's still one person who can remedy this outrage –- prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. During closing arguments in the Libby perjury case Fitzgerald noted that Libby's lies and evasions had 'left a cloud over the office of the Vice President.' Okay. Well, now is the perfect time to either dispel that cloud or let lightning strike where it will.

How? As simple as this:

1. Impanel a new federal grand jury.
2. Grant Libby full immunity, meaning he could not take the Fifth, and if he tried he can be jailed for contempt –- just as reporter Judy Miller was for trying to protect her source –- Scooter Libby.
3. This time call Dick Cheney and put him under oath.

Simple as that. What crime is being investigated? No piddling perjury this time. No sir. This time Fitzgerald should be investigating is conspiracy to obstruct justice. It's just a suspicion. But that's what grand juries do for a living –- investigate suspicion that a crime or crimes have been committed.

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