Thursday, July 05, 2007

In sparing Libby, Pres. Bush built an IED that blew up the judicial system

Who could possibly blame any American who no longer has any respect for the rule of law; a rule of law that no longer exists, thanks to George W Bush and Dick Cheney, both of whom will live to regret the day they blew it up.

In sparing Libby, Pres. Bush built an IED that blew up the judicial system:

Getting back to Scooter Libby’s conviction by a jury of his peers, jury notices go out to many Americans on a daily basis. While some do anything to get out of serving on any jury, there are many that rise to the occasion to serve their country in which they partake in the judicial process. Through this commutation which a full pardon has not been ruled out by President Bush, what he did was spit in the face of that jury and juries across this nation hearing other cases. He (Bush) once again, subverted the rule of law. He might as well have built an IED and blew up the judicial system.

As Americans celebrated Independence Day in which our founding fathers gave us the gift of democracy, this president along with his vice president spat upon their graves. By subverting the rule of law and over-riding a jury’s decision, if President Bush were alive at the time of our country’s birth would have sided with the British. He thinks he is king and most certainly acts like one who is impervious to the rule of law and thinks that it does not apply to him and any associated with him.

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