Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"There Is A Revolution Coming"

It's the only thing that will save us, if anything will.

The Progressive Daily Beacon: "There Is A Revolution Coming":

The woman wore her hair short, professionally styled and highlighted; the nails on her hands were expertly manicured; and the frames of her designer glasses perfectly complimented both the tint of her hair and the tone of her skin. Still, the color coordinated medical scrubs she wore and her new Toyota SUV aside, the woman was obviously some kind of left-wing radical.

Actually, she was the furthest thing from any wing at all. The woman was the smack-dab center of Middle America, but that isn't how she would have been presented by big business interests, America's corporate-owned media, the Republican Party and its associated radio propagandists. I know how she would have been labeled because when she overheard me mention Michael Moore's new movie, 'SiCKO,' she said, 'Oh, is it playing here? Where? I want to go see it.' And, there was more.

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