Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Maybe we will get a glimpse of ...

of what Barak is really made of here.

Let him stand up and ask, "why is George Soros the devil to you people? "

Just give me a provable reason not to accept his support and I won't, but it had better be provable, not just right-wing talking points, because if accusations are made against Mr. Soros and they are frivolous and slanderous, I myself will call for a private fund to pay for a lawsuit against each and every person who makes the false claims.

It is time to put this whole George Soros is the Devil thing behind us once and for all.

How else do we beat the disinformation campaign that is never off the air waves?

The new personalities never confront any of them on their misinformation/disininformation BS.

It's time someone did.

So far, John Edwards is the only candidate who has.

I hope he keeps it up.

Crooks and Liars:

Jane Says

None of the 08 candidates, save John Edwards, has had the stones to speak out against Lieberman and his insane calls to attack Iran. Joe has now placed Obama in an extremely precarious position where, in order to defend a loyal supporter, he has to also feed into all the right wing narratives that attend Soros. He ought to have the guts to do it anyway.

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