Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why are we so afraid? (Damn Good Question?)

Oddy, many of us are afraid of that and whom we have no real reason to fear.

We are not as afraid of, or pissed off at, those whom we should be able to trust, but cannot.

Some of us are not afraid of either. We are totally insane, but so were our founders, truth be told. Revolutionaries going up against the King of England in the late 1700's. How freakin' crazy was that?

Why are we so afraid? « Scholars and Rogues:

We were afraid long before 9/11.

As so many have observed, fear causes us to trade freedom for security, real or perceived. Fear makes us sheep, a lesson that’s not lost on those who seek to acquire, retain and extend power. Fear causes us to follow not those who’d deliver us from fear or its causes, but rather those who profit from it.

But why are we so afraid?

This is a question I’ve been thinking and studying on for some time - longer even than I realized. As it turns out I did a good bit of research in the ’90s that bears directly on the issue, and while I don’t claim to have a definite answer nailed down, I do believe I have a theory, and maybe it’s one we can leverage as we try to infuse the Republic with a bit more reason. It’s longish, but bear with me - hopefully the payoff will reward your patience.

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