Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Eugene Robinson - Why Not Here?

We salute your gumption, Mr. Robinson, for writing this.

We've been thinking the same thing, "why not here?"

We came to a slightly different conlusion, but that's another whole post

Eugene Robinson - Why Not Here? - washingtonpost.com:

I should knock wood before writing this, but why is it that the United States hasn't seen attempted terrorist bombings similar to the ones that fizzled Friday and Saturday in Britain?

The investigation of the botched attacks in London and Glasgow is far from complete, and authorities can't even be certain that this spasm of intended mayhem has ended. With suspects still being rounded up, it's hard to tell where these plotters fit on the scale that runs from 'trained al-Qaeda operative' all the way down to 'deluded, suicidal wannabe.'

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