Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Libby Pardon

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007
3 Myths About Libby's Pardon

After I read a particular conservative columnist this morning, describing why the Libby pardon (and yes, I insist on calling it a 'pardon') was the only sane act in what he saw as the farce of Plamegate, I wanted to write a post screaming, 'SO AND SO IS A F***ING IDIOT.'

But I realized that wouldn't be useful. We all would agree he is an idiot. His brand would just be raised by mentioning him (which is why I won't right now...won't even link to him). And while venting is important, it's not everything.

Instead, something more constructive: 3 myths you'll hear Libby/Bush defenders repeat...and a quick way to respond...hopefully in today's water cooler conversations, these responses allow you a more useful talking point than calling your co-worker a f***ing idiot:

Myth #1: The crime wasn't important. The crimes at the heart of all of this -- the manipulations to drive us into an unnecessary war and the acts of personal vengeance to punish anyone who spoke out about the deceptions -- were important enough for Libby to lie about under oath. If you don't start punishing people somewhere -- even for the lesser crime of perjury -- you allow our rule of law to dissolve.

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