Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Was Commuting Libby an Impeachable Offense?

Not unless it can be proven to be part of an on-going conspiracy to obstruct justice.

I'm convinced that it is, beyond any doubt, let alone reasonable doubt. But, it must be proven in a court of law, or it isn't worth warm spit..

The court of public opinion is already speaking out loud and clear, but no one listens to it anymore, apparently.

William Rivers Pitt | Was Commuting Libby an Impeachable Offense?:

Hovering above all this is one all-encompassing question: did George W. Bush commit a dead-bang impeachable offense by commuting Libby's sentence?

A wise man once said that the life of the law is procedure. There are processes to be undertaken, papers to be filed and forms to be obeyed. In this commutation, no procedures whatsoever appear to have been followed. The haste in which this action was undertaken smacks of fear, desperation, and of a cover-up in process.

Consider the factors.

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