Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bush presidency enters terminal phase

Those poor people over there, where this piece was written, just don't get it.

They don't have any idea what we are still up against over here.

We don't make the assumption that Bush has any plan to leave office. Surely they don't see Bush and Cheney as powerless, at this point.

As time draws night for the next election and/or the end of Bush's term, the more dangerous it gets for all of us.

It is far from time to celebrate.

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Bush presidency enters terminal phase:

WASHINGTON - There may be moments during their summit at his family's compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, when President George W Bush may look with envy on his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, whose popularity at home guarantees him vast influence even as he prepares to leave office just nine months from now.

Not so for Bush, whose public approval ratings, according to polls released in just the past week, have reached all-time lows and
whose influence - even over his own party - appears to be declining at warp speed.

The latter phenomenon was demonstrated to devastating effect last week when 37 of the Senate's 49 Republicans deserted the president on a critical procedural vote that appears to have doomed Bush's hopes for comprehensive immigration reform through the remaining 18 months of his term in office.

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