Monday, July 02, 2007

Bush and Cheney Go Down the Nixon Slide -

I hate to be such a downer this morning, but I hope that Mr. Conyers and others realize that the chance are good, we ain't seen nothing yet.

This is going to get worse. I feel it in my bones.

Bush and Cheney Go Down the Nixon Slide -

Bush has decided not to comply with the House and Senate Judiciary Committees’ subpoenas for documents dealing with the firing of the U.S. attorneys.

And he’s likely to do the same over subpoenas on Cheney’s and Gonzales’s role in the NSA spying scandal.

Bush invoked “executive privilege.”

That’s got a vague ring to it, doesn’t it?

Patrick Leahy, head of the Senate Judiciary, called it “Nixonian stonewalling,” and said, “Increasingly, the President and the Vice President feel they are above the law.”

John Conyers, head of the House Judiciary Committee, added: “This is reckless. It’s a form of governmental lawlessness that is really astounding.”

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