Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Impeachment: We’ve Got a Job to Do -

Impeachment: We’ve Got a Job to Do -

The following remarks were offered by John Kaminski, Chair of the Maine Lawyers for Democracy, at the Citizens Summit for Impeachment Rally that took place in Kennebunkport, Maine on Sunday, July 1st, 2007:

Thank you to the Maine Campaign to Impeach and thank you to the Kennebunk Peace Department for organizing this rally and march — they have done a great job. Their countless hours of effort are the reason we are able to be here today.And thank you all for standing with me on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, instead of being at the beach, a picnic or a softball game or fishing with President Putin in the ocean off Walker’s Point. Thank you for recognizing that we’ve got a job to do together.

I am the Chair of Maine Lawyers for Democracy, an organization of around 80 Maine lawyers who have called for impeachment. We firmly believe that impeachment is ultimately about accountability. And there is much to hold the Bush - Cheney Administration to account for.

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